Gardening Adventures

This blog is updated by Neville Mahon: a retired man of sixty summers and with a lifetime of stories in the lines of his weathered hands. Born and raised in the quaint town of Ranfurly, nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Central Otago, New Zealand, Neville’s journey has been one discovering (and re-discovering) a deep-rooted love for the land.

Neville Mahon in a straw hat holding a box of lettuce

The Call of the Earth

One of Neville’s first jobs was working the bustling aisles of his family’s local 4 Square superette, where he quickly learned from his parents the value of hard work, and a love of produce and cultivation. Neville’s hard work ethic earned him several decades of success in real estate, but as the years passed and his young family grew, so too did his longing for a simpler, more fulfilling existence.  It was amidst this longing that Neville rediscovered his passion for gardening, finding solace and contentment amidst the harvest and changing seasons.

An Oasis Awaits

At sixty years young, Neville is embracing a life lived close to the earth - a life filled with the timeless joys of gardening, family, and the quiet moments of reflection that come with age. As Neville tends to his garden, you’re invited on this journey of growth, discovery, and the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

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A Family in Full Bloom

What began with beefsteak tomatoes has blossomed into a sprawling bounty of cucumbers, marrows, courgettes, potatoes, eggplants, and an array of aromatic herbs. Neville shares his plentiful harvest with friends and family, and Neville's three boys, aged 16, 12, and 8, are his eager companions in the garden, lending their youthful energy to prepare the soil and nurture new growth. In Neville’s garden, family is more than just a helping hand - they're the heart and soul of everything he does.  

Neville Mahon with his grandson in the garden